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How to last longer in bed?

To cure PE premature ejaculation and help you last longer in bed see the steps below, these have worked for me, I think of these as the three levels. I've told friends of this and they all say it helps, hence this website. I also noticed a lot of junk on the net about exercises, therapy, edging etc which didn't do it for me. Another tip I hear is masturbating an hour or two before you have sex 🙄 this is not great advice as when you cum its nowhere near as nice and most times you can still cum quick.

Interesting fact, did you know? Almost 40% of men suffer from PE Premature Ejaculation, the other 60% just don't think its a problem. Anyway, enough talk lets get down to it.


Obviously I don't know what level you're at so maybe start at level one and go from there.

🍌 Level One Delay Spray

I find you only need a small amount of this, as a rookie I slapped this all over my Johnson only to find I couldn't feel anything and it also made my partner numb. If you suffer from PE Premature Ejaculation this needs to be in your arsenal, a small bottle should last you months. Get it here.

How to last longer in bed - Delay Spray

I find its best to spray just a small dab on something say the back of your hand/hotel furniture, then take your index finger, touch a bit of the spray with it and then place a bit just under your foreskin area using your finger. I think this area is known as the frenulum, but whatever hopefully you know where I mean, it does stay on quite well and lasts a while.

You should probably tell your partner upfront before using this as they might start blowing you and think they're having a stroke if there face starts to numb.

🍌 Level Two Delay Spray and Condom (thick if possible)

So you've tried level one and still want to last a bit longer, no worries! Level two requires just a bit more effort, same as before place a bit of the delay spray on your WMD but then also pop an extra thick johnny on, you can get them here.

How to last longer in bed - Thick Condom

This should be numbing your member but you should also still get a bit of sensation. Added bonus here is you know where your mess is when you do finish, If you want more sensation you can always revert to level one by whipping off the rubber. If this still hasn't worked then continue to the last level.

🍌 Level Three The Cock Sleeve

Hopefully you've got results from the first two methods, happy days! Though you can take things to the next level. Level three requires some instrumentation, bring on the Cock Sleeve!

Now hears the thing, being honest you probably worry more about cumming early and disappointing your partner, so with this method (providing you can stay hard) you should be able to f*ck her for as long as you/she wants.

Obviously be careful and also talk her first, don't just go ramming this in (unless she wants you to) or trying to surprise her with it. In fact if you do suffer from PE Premature Ejaculation you should really talk to your partner about all this from the start she may put your mind at rest, especially if you think you should be fucking for hours, most women don't want this, aim for quality over quantity.

I find I don't need the delay spray or a condom with one of these on but do find if you want the sleeve to stay clean and not get messy a johnny helps, last thing you want to be doing is cleaning pre-cum or baby paste out the thing! Take a look and purchase one from here.

How to last longer in bed - Cock Sleeve

You might also find it best to practice getting the thing on beforehand. Last thing you want in the heat of the moment is you and partner getting annoying / killing the moment trying to figure out how to get the thing on comfortably.

If you combine all 3 levels (cock sleeve, condom and delay spray) you can then work your way back through them when fucking, level three, two, one etc, all takes a bit of effort but better than the alternative two pumps and a squirt.


If none of this works then my only advice is get her off first and f*ck more. Every girl is different but I find a full body massage and then sex toys best, you can try just cunnilingus (licking her out) but its lot of effort (jaw, neck ache etc). Make sure you've got some decent toys at your disposal, I recommand at least a rabbit and a wand. Most women seem to love the wands, get them here.

How to last longer in bed - Magic Sex Wand Vibrator

Also some Lube Massage Oil, two in one helps then it can be used for all situations.

How to last longer in bed - 2in1 Massage and Lubricant Gel

Once you start introducing the above you should be able to start gaining more control over how long you last in bed, if its been say a week and I know I'm going to be really sensitive I'd start at level 2 or 3. If its only been a few days I probably be ok to start at level 1 or 2.

Last tip, I'm not much of a reader (f*ck that) but would recommend this book, its called the Sex God Method, if you want to keep your women happy do yourself a favour and get this, its full of good advice that will keep her happy in bed. How to last longer in bed - manual book

Well there you have it, thanks for stopping by and hope this helps.

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